The challenge
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The challenge

We are proud to be one of the highest performing emergency services in the country

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The Service has a proud history of delivering a very high standard of service to the community it serves. Over the last decade we have successfully driven down the number of fires to half the level of 10 years ago. We live in an ever changing world and just as the risk changes so do the means at our disposal to maintain this proud record.

As a modern fire and rescue service we strive to make ourselves even more relevant to the lives of people in Hampshire as we move towards 2020 and beyond. Over the past two years we have worked tirelessly on a comprehensive review of our services to find more efficient and cost effective ways in the face of a potential £16m gap in Government funding by 2020.

All emergency services should deliver an effective and forward-thinking service in accordance with the needs of its local community; ensuring that they match their resources to the risks and incidents. As your fire and rescue service in Hampshire we must remain agile to make the most efficient use of our capabilities whilst meeting the needs of the evolving environment around us.

We recognise that, despite the financial challenges faced by all public services, through innovation and collaboration we can remain trusted to meet the needs of our residents. Actively engaging our communities and staff on the journey to achieve this outcome is crucial.

Ultimately, the challenge is to make Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service more relevant, more efficient and above all, make our county safer.  

Part of making us efficient and safer is using new technology and techniques to help fight fires, take a look at the new Coldcut technology developed in Sweden.

  • Scan – with Thermal Imaging equipment and ascertain location and size of fire
  • Attack – the fire with Ultra High Pressure Lance equipment from a safe location to suppress the fire
  • Ventilate – either forced or natural in order to clear products of combustion (smoke and hot fire gasses)
  • Enter and Extinguish – ultimately to search for/retrieve casualties and extinguish the fire completely

This technique is designed to still achieve the same efficiency in putting out fires that we currently provide but also reduce the risk to our fire fighters and the surrounding area.

Safer Hampshire

The Safer Hampshire Risk Review process has now ended, implementation of the Service Delivery Redesign will now begin, but you can still: