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Thatch Information Pack

Thatch Information Pack (TIP)

A Thatch Information Pack (TIP), along with supporting material, has been developed to help owners of thatch properties minimise the risk of fire.

Thatch Information Pack inserts

The Thatch Information Pack contains several inserts which are A4 in size and are titled,

Each insert enables you to record information for yourself to use for prevention and maintenance purposes and for the fire service to use in the event of and at the scene of a fire.

Please print these inserts off as they are to be used in conjunction with the following presentation as this will guide you through the inserts and what information to record on them. View the Thatch Information Pack presentation... MS PowerPoint 533Kb

Thatch Information Safety booklet.

The Thatch Information Safety booklet is a comprehensive leaflet which provides you with information and advice on what you can do to prevent fires in your thatch property. This document forms part of the overall Thatch Information Pack and we strongly recommend that you read through it. Download the Thatch Information Safety booklet... PDF 892Kb

Thatch Property video

Our video aims to give you first-hand knowledge from firefighters and thatch owners on how to be safe in a thatched roof property. View the thatch property video...