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Testing smoke alarms


Never remove the battery from your detector, even for a short period.

Test alarm

At least one smoke alarm should be fitted to each level of your home. In order to make sure your smoke alarm can save your life, it is important to maintain it properly and test it regularly.


Looking after your smoke alarm

Testing smoke alarms

Most budget smoke detectors will come with a battery already fitted. This battery will last for at least one year. Make a point of changing that battery annually.

Consider using one of your children's birthdays, or a special occasion, to remind you to change it.

Smoke alarm reminder service

Free service that will remind you to:

  • Test your smoke alarm;
  • Replace the batteries;
  • Replace your smoke alarm.

Register for free smoke alarm reminder at (opens new window)

Use our wall chart

Keep a printed copy of the chart on a wall near your smoke alarm, so you can keep a record of its maintenance schedule. (The chart includes some useful general fire safety reminders too).

Download a printer friendly wall chart PDF 37Kb