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Your Safety at Home

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Your "Home Escape Plan"

As soon as the alarm sounds, get everyone together and leave the building

Every day two people die in a fire. We don't know which two, make sure it isn't you. You can survive a fire as long as you plan what to do before a fire starts.

One of the most important things you can do is to plan your escape routes and keep your exits clear. It is much easier to follow a pre-prepared plan, like you would at work, than to start planning one at 4 o'clock in the morning when the smoke alarm sounds.

Remember, as soon as the alarm sounds, get everyone together and leave the building. Take extra care of children, older people and those with problems getting around.

Also think about what to do if you can't leave by this route, which room you should escape from, think about having an "escape room", one that is the best room in the house to survive in, it should have a door, a large enough window to climb out of (and a firefighter to get in through), be at the front of the house so the firefighters can see you as soon as they arrive, have grass or earth below the window and if there is a shed or porch below the window to climb down onto even better.

Remember to keep door and window keys handy and make sure everyone knows where to find them.

If friends or family come to stay at your home, make them aware of the fire escape plan.

Further information on planning your escape can be viewed at, or you can contact 023 8062 6809.