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Occupational Health and Safety

fitness & health for all employees

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Occupational Health

The Government has a new vision for health in which the relationship between health and work becomes universally recognised as integral to the prosperity and well being of individuals, their families, workplaces and wider communities.


The key function of our Occupational Health Department at Hampshire Fire and Rescue is to:

Occupational Health is a proactive and preventative service rather than a treatment service. It aims to include the prevention of occupational ill health and injury by working with Health and Safety and other departments to:

Prevention, promotion and early intervention

The team is focussed on the prevention of illness and promotion of health and wellbeing, as well as early intervention for those who develop a health condition.

To support these principles, Occupational Health offer an extensive range of services:

  • Pre-employment health screening
  • Periodic Health Screening
  • Health Surveillance
  • Post accident assessments and advice
  • Post incident assessments and advice
  • Sickness absence advice
  • Return to work assessments
  • Functional assessments
  • Management referrals to the Occupational Health Physician
  • Employee rehabilitation
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Advice on health matters including diet and nutrition
  • Advice to employees on fitness and lifestyle issues
  • Self-referrals to the Occupational Health Adviser
  • Fast Track Physiotherapy Service
  • Vision Services including eyesight test, DSE users and safety glasses
  • Smoking Cessation