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Service Management Team

It is the responsibility of Service Management Team (SMT) "to review and establish major policy: to set key areas of achievement for the Service and review progress."


Date Venue Time
Monday 1 September 2014 Harland Room 1400 hours
Monday 3 November 2014 Harland Room 1400 hours
Monday 12 January 2015 Harland Room 1400 hours
Monday 2 March 2015 Harland Room 1400 hours
Tuesday 5 May 2015 Harland Room 1400 hours
Name Title
John Bonney Chief Officer
Dave Curry Deputy Chief Officer - Director of Service Delivery
Geoff Howsego Director of Professional Services
Neil Odin Assistant Chief Officer (Community Safety)
Stew Adamson Area Manager (Community Safety)
Mark Wittcomb Area Manager (Community Safety)
Andy Bowers Assistant Chief Officer (Community Response)
Mick Crennell Area Manager (Community Response)
Jason Avery Area Manager (Community Response)
Paul Breakwell Temporary Head of Marketing and Communications
Neil Moore Head of Information and Communications Technology
Iain Hardcastle Temporary Head of Facilities Management
Shantha Dickinson Head of Knowledge Management
Caroline Wayment Head of People and Leadership