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(IJ 3/02)

Vehicle Mounted Pump - Godiva World Series WT2010 and WT4010

Manufacturer/Supplier: Godiva World Series
Model/Type: WT2010 and WT4010

Reason for Issue of Safe System of Work

(Please Indicate as Appropriate)

X Review of Existing Equipment
  Adaptation/Modification of Existing Equipment
  Evaluation of New Equipment
  Initial Issue of Equipment
  Other (Please Specify):

Schedule A - Legislation Applicable
Schedule B - Function
Schedule C - Specifications
Schedule D - Method of Use
Schedule E - Limitations of Use
Schedule F - Safety Features
Schedule G - Maintenance
Schedule H - Additional Information/Significant Hazard
Standard Test

Any Additional Comment(s)


Follow Up Action Required


Review Date (If Applicable)

5 Years


Name: Chris Norgate
Role Watch Manager
Post Held: WM Community Response Support
Date of Assessment: 24th May 2013

Schedule A (Legislation Applicable)

The equipment complies with all applicable Legislations and Regulations.

Schedule B (Function)

To provide a vehicle mounted and driven pumping facility capable of controlling high and low pressure water delivery supplied by tank, pressure fed or open water supplies.

Schedule C (Specifications)

Schedule D (Method of Use)

To work from pressure fed supply:

To work from open water supply:

The pump can be used to work from high and low pressure at the same time, when working from low pressure 0nly then the change over valve for high pressure must be closed.

Schedule E (Limitations of Use)

Schedule F (Safety Features)

Pressure relief valves are fitted to ensure that pressure above 55 bar cannot happen, water is directed back in to the low pressure manifold via the filter chamber helping to dislodge accumulated debris on the external surface of the filter.

A thermal relief valve is fitted to assist in the prevention of over heating which could occur through incorrect operation of the pump, i.e. running the pump at high speed with all the deliveries closed.

Schedule G (Maintenance)

The vehicle mounted pump should only be maintained by Fleet Maintenance and tested as detailed below.

Schedule H - Additional Information/Significant Hazard

The noise generated by this equipment when operating can be a significant hazard to operatives and others within close proximity. Hearing protection should be worn by all within the Noise Hazard Zone.

Vehicle Mounted Pump

Godiva World Series - WT2010 And WT4010

Test Frequency And Competency Levels

Test Frequency Competency
On Acceptance 1
Quarterly 1
After Use 1
Annually 6

Quarterly And On Acceptance

Dry Vacuum Test

Output Test (High Pressure Pumps where Applicable)

Output Test (Low Pressure)


An annual deep lift test will be carried out at Fleet Maintenance during routine vehicle servicing.