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(IJ 3/02)

Incident Command Unit

Manufacturer/Supplier: Plaxton/Saxon
Model/Type: Mercedes Vario 814D

Reason for Issue of Safe System of Work

(Please Indicate as Appropriate)

X Review of existing Equipment
  Adaption/Modification of Existing Equipment
  Evaluation of New Equipment
  Initial Issue of Equipment
  Other (Please Specify):

Schedule A - Legislation Applicable
Schedule B - Function
Schedule C - Specifications
Schedule D - Method of Use
Schedule E - Limitations of Use
Schedule F - Safety Features
Schedule G - Maintenance
Schedule H - Additional Information/Significant Hazard
Standard Test

Any Additional Comment(s)

This data sheet has been compiled from information supplied by the manufacturer.

Follow up Action Required

Not Applicable

Review Date (If Applicable)

3 Years


Name: Gary Cross
Rank: Firefighter
Post Held: Community Response Support
Date of Assessment: 19 December 2011

Schedule A (Legislation Applicable)

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
Road Traffic Act 1988 Construction and Use Regulations.

Schedule B (Function)

This vehicle fulfils the role within the service as an Incident Command Unit where the Incident Command Support is operated from on 911

Schedule C (Specification)

Warning Equipment



This vehicle is fitted with side and, end outline market lights, also a rear end high level scene lights.


The vehicle is fitted with an additional on board charging system this facility allows charging of the vehicles batteries for fax unit/additional communication equipment etc when parked in the vehicles appliance room bay.

NB The charger plugs need to be removed by hand prior to moving the appliance

Schedule E (Limitations of Use)

This appliance should be used in accordance with the vehicles Manufacturers Guidance Manuals issued by the Fleet management Department with all new vehicles. This vehicle is only to be operated and driven by Qualified Service Personnel.

Schedule F (Safety Features)

Refer to Manufacturers Guidance/Operating Manuals issued with this vehicle by the Service Transport Department.

NB This vehicle is fitted with Anti-Lock Brakes - ABS.

Schedule G (Maintenance)

Refer to rear of vehicle log book and service workshops.

Schedule H (Additional Information/Significant Hazard)

  1. Operational Personnel required to be trained to a level of competence to allow them to instruct and examine further members of HFRS in safe and efficient operation of equipment carried on this vehicle. Taking account of any health and safety implications.
  2. Audible warning devices fitted to vehicles must not be sounded or routinely tested within enclosed spaces on services premises.
  3. See SO/8/1/3/3 - 2.4
  4. Use of audible warning devices - bull horns.
  5. See SO/10/1 Routine order 15/51/98.