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Ergonomic Exercises - Shoulders and Neck

Exercise 1

Sitting, elbows up and hands behind head, pull elbows back and stretch up, then bring elbows to meet at the front, repeat

Hands behind head (4kb)
Elbows to front (4kb)

Exercise 2

Sitting, elbows at shoulder height, bend arms touching shoulders and extend, repeat

Elbows at shoulder height
Arms bent, hands touching shoulders

Exercise 3

Sitting hands joined and extended above head, relax the head and gently sidebend to the left and right, keeping the body straight

Hands joined and extended above head
Side bend

Exercise 4

Sitting, relax shoulders, then shrug and shorten the neck. Repeat several times

Relax shoulders
Shrug shoulders

Exercise 5

Sitting with both hands behind back, one palm between shoulder blades, other hand pushing down on elbow. Change sides to include both sides. Repeat

Left palm between shoulder blades
Right palm between shoulder blades

Exercise 6

Standing or sitting; turn head to right and to the left keeping head up and back straight. Repeat

Head turned right
Head turned left