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Equality & Diversity

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Equality and Diversity


Stonewall is renowned for its campaigning of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) issues, promoting research and working with a whole range of agencies to address the needs of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in the wider community, schools and in the workplace. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) has been working with Stonewall for a number of years and value the support and advice they provide us so we can make our workplace more inclusive for our LGB employees.

More information from the Stonewall website (opens new window).

Workplace Equality Index

Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index, the basis for the Stonewall Top 100 Employers 2012, is the definitive national benchmarking exercise showcasing Britain's top employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff. It enables us to measure our own performance to ensure a tangible commitment to our LGB employees, customers and service users.

HFRS took part in the index again this year, and whilst we still have a huge amount of work ahead to make it into the top 100, we are pleased to announce a rise in our overall score. This confirms our continued commitment to working hard to ensure we create a working environment where our LGB employees feel confident enough to be open about their sexual orientation and are able to be themselves.

We are now ranked 135 which is an improvement of 42 places from our 2011 submission. This is great news particularly as it was a new and tougher assessment which has resulted in quite a shake-up in the rankings. There were 363 organisations that took part in the WEI this year and the top 100 results are published on the Stonewall website

The feedback report is used by the LGB and T Working Group to help plan and prioritise our actions for the forthcoming year. To find out more, contact a member of the LGB and T Working Group.

We are currently working towards our 2013 entry and hope, that with the continued hard work and passion from HFRS employees, we will be able to make Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service an inclusive work environment for all our staff and be seen as an employer of choice to our community across Hampshire.

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2013 feedback questionnaire

The Stonewall Staff Feedback survey aims to find out more about experiences in the workplace from lesbian, gay or bisexual employees.  The questions should take no longer than five minutes to complete and the information you provide is anonymous, completely confidential and will go to Stonewall's Workplace Team, not to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Once the data is collected and analysed, we will receive the average scores so that we can compare our results to our previous participation.  This data will be published on our web pages and will be used by the Local Diversity Group and LGB&T Working Group to inform future decision making in relation to making our workplace more inclusive.

If you are interested in participating then click and enter our three digit code 488.

Stonewall Workplace Conference 2012

Two representatives from HFRS attended the inspirational Workplace Conference earlier this year to hear from keynote speakers ranging from Home Secretary Theresa May to Beth Brooke the Global Vice Chair of Public Policy at Ernst  & Young , and to share best practice relating to LGB equality at a variety of workshops.  To watch the keynote addresses click on:

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Guidance for managers and employees

Stonewall produces a number of workplace good practice guides that are useful for managers and employees alike.  These guides include:

Straight Allies: How to help create gay-friendly workplaces

Straight people have a critical role to play in creating gay-friendly workplaces. Stonewall Top 100 employers routinely tell us that ‘straight allies’ have been key to advancing fair treatment of their lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.  Download a .pdf version of Straight Allies guide.

Career development

This workplace guide equips organisations with the information they need to understand the specific career development needs of their lesbian, gay and bisexual staff and how to respond to them. By highlighting examples of best practice, Stonewall research enables organisations to build reputation, improve performance and avoid risk.  Download a .pdf version of the Career Development guide.

Bisexual people in the workplace: practical advice for employers

Stonewall knows that people perform better when they can be themselves and despite many great strides that have been made to achieve sexual orientation equality in workplaces across Britain, many bisexual men and women still feel unable to be themselves at work.  Download a .pdf version of the Bisexual People in the Workplace guide.

To see more workplace guides, as well as recent research relating to LGB equality visit: