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Incidents reporting policy

Please note that as this policy is periodically reviewed and updated, if you print it from the website, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed for more than a 24 hour period following printing.

Members of staff shall report any suspected misuse of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's computer systems, whether accidental or deliberate.

All staff that discover a system or network security control that is (or is in danger of being) disabled or ineffective shall report it immediately to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's Service Desk:  Staff shall not attempt to resolve an incident themselves.

Where a virus or worm infection is suspected on a workstation or server, staff shall report the incident to the HFRS Service Desk immediately, and follow instructions provided carefully to limit further spread or damage from the infection.

Where you discover or suspect user behaviour which does not comply with these guidelines and may compromise Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's ICT security, or where you suspect that sensitive information is being disclosed or modified without proper authority, staff shall report this immediately to their line manager and the IS Service Desk as required by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Where this is not appropriate, staff shall report the incident to the ICT Security Manager instead.

Information received by Line Managers or the ICT Security Manager regarding suspected or actual breaches of security will be treated confidentially.

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