Home Comforts

Electricity is all around you in the home so it is important to be careful. When using any electrical appliance or toy remember these 10 tips:

  1. Never put your fingers or anything other than an electrical plug in a socket. 

  2. When unplugging an appliance, pull by the plug not the cord. 

  3. Don't use an electrical appliance (e.g. a hairdryer) when you're wet, have wet hands or are standing in water. 

  4. Limit the number of appliances plugged in to a socket. An overloaded circuit creates a fire hazard. This is because the more current which flows from a socket the hotter it becomes. Too many appliances attached to one socket will cause it to overheat which could lead to a fire. 

  5. Look around for damaged plugs and cords. Don't touch them. Tell an adult. 

  6. It is impossible to tell if an electric wire is off or on by looking at it. Whenever near an electric wire or appliance, unless you are sure it is switched off treat it as being live or possibly dangerous. 

  7. Check the television. Make sure it has a free flow of air around it so it does not overheat and start a fire. Do not place anything on top of the TV. 

  8. Do not place electric cords so that they run through doorways or under carpets. Otherwise a person could trip on the wire, breaking the circuit, which in turn may lead to them receiving an electric shock. 

  9. Never leave lamp sockets empty, replace burned out bulbs immediately. 

Outdoors - Play Safe

Electricity is everywhere, so when you are out and about with friends, be alert, look around you.

Remember these 8 tips :

  1. Don't play near power lines.

  2. Kite flying is great fun, but take care. Look out for power lines overhead and in the surrounding area. Remember you can't always tell where a kite is going to land. 

  3. bannerKite

    If a kite does become caught on power line let go of the string immediately and make no attempts to recover the kite. (Remember electricity is always trying to get to the ground. Together you and the kite would become the quickest route to the ground!) 

  4. You may live in an area where there is under ground power, however most likely there will be an electricity wire running to the roof of your home. Beware of trees near by.

  5. If electricity lines are bought down in a storm, don't touch anything in the area. Get your parents to call the electricity company. Remember the electricity is trying to find a route to the ground and in this situation will use YOU as a component to complete the 'circuit'. 

  6. Don't fly toys in the rain or in a storm. Wet strings can conduct electricity very well. They could also be struck by lightning. 

  7. Only use non-conducting (insulating) materials to make a kite. Use plastic, paper, wood and string. Be sure your kite doesn't contain wire, metal or foil. 

  8. Don't release metallic helium balloons outside. They are dangerous conductors of electricity.