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Type of equipment:


Is there sufficient space with enough storage and easy access to your workstation?
Does the space permit reasonable variation in the position of furniture and equipment?


Is there adequate lighting for all tasks?
Is lighting variable to suit ambient conditions?
Does the lighting avoid reflection and glare from falling upon your screen and other equipment?
Have desk lamps been supplied where necessary?

Reflections and Glare

Have adjustable window blinds (or alternative type of easily adjustable covering) been fitted?
Are wall surfaces designed to minimise reflections falling upon your workstation?
Have other fixtures and fittings been positioned to avoid reflections upon your workstation?


Have all sources of noise been reduced to prevent distraction and interference
with speech or moved away from your workstation?


Is the temperature maintained at a level that ensures your comfort?

Have all sources of excessive heat (ie those likely to cause injury or discomfort to you)
been eliminated or suitably controlled?


Is an adequate level of relative humidity maintained?


Is work equipment in a good state of repair?

Display Screens

Does the display screen have easily adjustable controls for brightness and contrast?
Is it possible to easily tilt and swivel the screen?
Is the screen at the correct height for the user?
Is the image on the screen stable and free from flicker

Are the characters well-defined and of adequate size, and adequate space
between individual characters and lines of text?
Is the screen directly in front of you?


Is the keyboard separate from the screen?
Is it possible to easily adjust the angle of tilt of the keyboard?
Are the key symbols adequately contrasted?
Is there adequate space at the front of the keyboard to provide support for your hands and arms?
Is the keyboard directly in front of you?

Other Equipment

Has a document holder been provided where necessary?
Is the document holder correctly positioned for you?
Is the mouse and mouse mat at the end of the keyboard?

Work Surface

Is the desk or work surface sufficiently large to allow a flexible and
comfortable arrangement of the work equipment?
Does the surface have a matt finish to prevent reflections?
Is the height of the desk or work surface suitable for use with display screen equipment?
Is there sufficient space below the work surface to enable the operator to achieve a comfortable position?


Is the chair adjustable for height, backrest height, backrest tilt?
Does the chair swivel?
Is the chair in good working order and do you understand how the chair is adjusted?
Is the chair set so that your feet are flat on the floor?
Is your back supported?
Does the chair have arms?

Other Furniture

Has a footrest been made available?

If display screen equipment or any peripheral equipment is placed upon shelves, cupboard,
filing cabinets etc are these secure and stable?

Software Design

Is the software suitable for the task?
Do you understand how to use the software?

Job Design

Have steps been taken to minimise repetitive or boring tasks such as continual data entry?


Are you familiar with the Service Order 8/1/4/6 regarding DSE?
Have you received sufficient information, instruction and training to enable you to work with
DSE without discomfort or concern, including adjustments that may be made to the equipment and chair?
Do you or your line manager consider a need for additional information, instruction or
training in connection with DSE work?

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service supports the objectives of the Data Protection Act 1998 and is registered as a data controller. Information which you provide will be governed by the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and may be processed by the Service in the performance of its statutory duties or for purposes required by law. More information is available at

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