Fire Escape Planner
Have you got a 'Home Fire Escape Plan'?
What do you mean, NO!

You can now make your own using this handy tool (keep reading for help and hints).

Top tips:

  1. Draw a plan of your house in pencil first, before you start drawing on this page.

  2. Shapes are selected from the menus. Use your mouse to 'drag and resize' the objects onto the canvas.

  3. A big coloured rectangle on the canvas can be filled in with smaller white rectangles to represent the rooms - a lot more easy than drawing lots of lines!

  4. Think about which way doors open in your house, do they go into or out of rooms?

  5. The brown furniture can be used at different sizes to be tables, shelves, cupboards and stools.

  6. Mark smoke alarms and fire extinguishers on your map as well.
    Don't have any smoke alarms? - Then get some ... NOW!!

Here's one we made earlier:

Sample Plan


Why not send us a copy of your Fire Escape Plan? The best ones will be featured on this website!

Send your plans to:

Schools Education Team
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Leigh Road
SO50 9SJ