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Council tax information - 2014/15

Aspiring to be the best

We aspire to be the best fire and rescue service in the Country.

There is a diverse range of risks within Hampshire and we have identified a number of areas we see as a priority in the coming years.  

By achieving these priorities we will be a stronger organisation which will help us make life safer.



Providing good value for money

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority will freeze its part of council tax again this year, keeping it at the same level for the fourth year running. It will remain one of the lowest fire and rescue service rates in England.

The freeze has been possible despite substantial cuts to our general Government funding. This is because we took early action, successfully making savings of £2 million last year, and we are planning further savings of £2 million over the next two years. We also constantly review how our services are delivered to make them more efficient.

Over 75% of our budget is spent on employing staff - our most valuable resource. The remainder is spent on essential supplies and services, transport, property and information and communications technology, as well as funding our capital programmes.

Our budget for 2014/15

The budget for 2014/15 is £66.2 million. This is 2% less than the equivalent budget last year.

Detail 2013/14
Gross expenditure 69,803 69,663
Income -2,330 -3,414
Budget requirement 67,473 66,249
Which is funded by:    
Government funding including business rates 31,790 30,134
Surplus on collection fund 193 56
Balance from Council tax 35,490 36,059

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The cost to you

The table below shows you exactly how much you will pay for your fire and rescue service in 2014/15. These costs are the same as you have paid for the previous three years.

Band Cost
Band A £40.92
Band B £47.74
Band C £54.56
Band D £61.38
Band E £75.02
Band F £88.66
Band G £102.30
Band H £122.76

This information is about the portion of your council tax which goes to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority. Your council tax bill also includes amounts for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Hampshire County Council, your local district or borough council and, in many areas, a parish or town council.


Further information

For more details about Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority's budget please visit our website:

For questions about our budget contact:

Financial Services
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
Leigh Road
SO50 9SJ

Telephone: 023 8062 6867

Please contact your district council if you have any queries about your council tax bill or council tax benefit.