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The risk of dying in a fire for people over 65 is over twice as high as the average for all ages and these risks increase dramatically if the person lives alone, smokes, drinks or has a physical and/or learning disability.

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Contact 999 by SMS text

What is emergencySMS?

EmergencySMS is part of the standard 999 service which has been designed for people with hearing loss or difficulty with speech.

How do I use emergencySMS?


To use the service you have to register with emergencySMS first. To register, text register to 999. You will get a reply - then follow the instructions that you are sent.

In an emergency


What happens next?

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Only use emergencySMS for real emergencies

For example, if:


Do not send test or non-emergency texts.

Please note that this service works in the UK on all mobile networks. It cannot be used from abroad.

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Information extracted from The Royal National Institute for Deaf People