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Person Specification

Key: E (Essential), D (Desirable)

Statutory Pre-Entry Requirements

Experience and Competency Required Importance
Corrected vision should be 6/9 binocular and a minimum of 6/12 in the worst eye. E
Uncorrected vision should be 6/18 in the better eye, 6/24 in the worst eye. E
Have good colour perception. E
Have a reasonable standard of physical fitness (be able to achieve a minimum VO2 max uptake of 45ml/kg/min using the Chester Step test). E
Candidates will have a maximum of 3 attempts to demonstrate this level of fitness. If you are unable to achieve the desired level you will not be considered suitable for a position on the trainee course.  

Hearing standards for Firefighters

Firefighting staff who meet the H2 standard would normally be considered fit for role. Individuals who are below H2 should have a capability assessment before any decisions are made on fitness for role or redeployment. Specialist assessment should be considered to determine whether the condition is permanent, treatable and for advice on hearing aids.

It is unlikely that individuals with hearing below the H3 level (with aids if appropriate) would be safe on the fireground.

The worse ear is used to grade the individual in their placement within the Service.

Please refer to the Department of Communities and Local Government website for further information on hearing standards for Firefighters page 5-23 (PDF via

Operational Requirements

Experience and Competency Required Importance
Possess a reasonable degree of upper body strength, as evidenced by various practical assessments. See selection process. E
Effectively negotiate a route through a confined space to ensure your safety and to maximise you efficiency on the fireground. E
Demonstrate an ability to work at heights. E
Demonstrate an aptitude for using tools and mechanical equipment as necessary to perform the functions of a firefighter. E
Possess a standard of literacy and numeracy to carry out administrative duties and write clear reports. E
Hold a full valid driving licence (min Class B manual) for use in UK. D
Demonstrate the ability to absorb verbal and written information and to apply this both practically and theoretically to NVQ III standard. E
Display an awareness of the range of activities of the Fire Service and a commitment to serving the community. E
Demonstrate that you possess the commitment and drive necessary to achieve physically or mentally demanding targets D
Experience of contributing effectively to a team (either socially or occupationally). E

Community Education

Experience and Competency Required Importance
Be able to communicate effectively in order to interpret and address the differing needs of the community E

Public and Service Expectations

Experience and Competency Required Importance
Demonstrate that you are of 'good character' as expected by the public. E
Maintain a standard of personal appearance commensurate with the public's expectations of a serving member of a uniformed, disciplined service and health and safety requirements. E

Health and Safety

Experience and Competency Required Importance
Demonstrate an understanding of personal responsibility for the health and safety at work of self and others. E

Fairness and Dignity

Experience and Competency Required Importance
Demonstrate an awareness of the principles of Fairness and Dignity at work and a commitment to their implementation both in the workplace and in providing a service to the public. E