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Equality & Diversity

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Equality and Diversity

Bullying and harassment and inappropriate behaviours

We all want to work in an environment with people who treat us fairly and with respect, and one which is free from unwanted negative behaviours that have the potential to effect our personal wellbeing. Nobody wants to work with people, or within a culture, where they feel undermined, intimidated, upset, embarrassed or humiliated.

Our policy, Preventing and Managing Harassment and Bullying represents a continued commitment to our employees and confirms that any form of unwanted negative behaviours,or bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. It also outlines the responsibilities of our managers to set examples and standards of behaviours, ensure their staff know what is expected of them and to also provide support when required.

We encourage anyone to voice their concerns and those raised in confidence will be treated sensitively and seriously. To find out more see SO/1/29 or contact the Equality and Diversity team.

Challenging inappropriate behaviours

If you witness or experience something that you think is inappropriate then the likelihood is that it probably is. Even if the behaviour is not directed at you personally, but you feel it has affected you, then you have the right to raise your concerns. We encourage all individuals to challenge inappropriate behaviours in a dignified manner, however, we also encourage those being challenged to respectfully accept that your behaviour, even if you were unaware, has had a negative impact.

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If you are experiencing behaviours from an individual that are unwanted, or have witnessed inappropriate behaviours, then support is available. Remember, it is not up to anyone else to judge if your experiences are valid, or for you to determine if it constitutes bullying or harassment - if it is unwanted or makes you feel undermined, intimidated, upset or humiliated, then it is wrong.

In all cases we would advise individuals to deal with issues locally, possibly by an informal chat with the person involved in the first instance. Not all people are aware that their behaviours have offended you.

Confidential advice and support is available from a variety of sources around the organisation including; your Line Manager, FBU LGBT representative, Diversity Champions, Equality and Diversity team, LGB&T Working Group as well as Workplace Options.

Face2Face project

Updates will be available shortly.

Anti-bullying Week

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service supports the anti-bullying campaign. Below are the resources that we have used, feel free to print any of these and display in your workplace.

Anti-bullying week email campaign PDF 699Kb

Here are some of the messages we have used in our campaigns: