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A list of abbreviations commonly used within the service

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | W
42 42 Hour
ADC Assessment and Development Centre
AFA Automatic Fire Alarm
AFD Automatic Fire Detection
AI Activity Indicator
ALARM Association of Local Authority Risk Managers
ALP Aerial Ladder Platform
ALSEC Automatic Location Service for Emergency Calls
Alt Alternate
AM Area Manager
APFO Association of Principal Fire Officers
BVI Best Value Indicator
BVR Best Value Review
BW Blue Watch
CADDIE Crime and Disorder Data Information Exchange
CDRP Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
CFA Combined Fire Authority
CFOA Chief Fire Officers Association
CFRMIS Community Fire Risk Management Information System
CFS Community Fire Safety
CM Crew MAnager
CMT Corporate Management Team
CO Chief Officer
CO Control Officer
COMAH Control of Major Accidents Hazards
ConOp Control Operator
CPA Comprehensive Performance Assessment
CPD Continuous Professional Development
CSP Community Safety Partnership
DC Day Crewed
DCFO Deputy Chief Fire Officer
DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government (formerly Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM)
Dev Development
ECEB Equality and Corporate Change Equality Board
ECU Emergency Catering Unit
EFQM The European Foundation for Quality Management
EIA Equality Impact Assessment
EISEC Enhanced Information Service for Emergency Calls
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
Est Car Estate Car
F Full Cover
FBU Fire Brigades Union
FDS Flexible Duty System
Ff Firefighter
FG4 Family Group 4
FLT Fork Lift Truck
FOBFO Federation of British Fire Organisations
FOT Foam Tanker
FSC Fire Service Circulars
FSCA Fire Services Consultation Association
FSEC Fire Service Emergency Cover
FXU Fire Exhibition Unit
GFCO Group Fire Control Officer
GIS Geographic Information System
GM Group Manager
GPL General Purpose Lorry
GW Green Watch
H4T Heavy 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle with Hosereel/Tank
HCC Hampshire County Council
HFRA Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority
HFRS Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
HFRSSA Hampshire Fire and Rescue Sports and Social Association
HMO Home of Multiple Occupation
ICU Incident Command Unit
IEG Implementing Electronic Government
IFE Institution of Fire Engineers
IIP Investors in People
IPDS Integrated Personal Development System
IRMP Integrated Risk Management Planning
IRS Incident Recording System
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
L4P Light 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle with Main Pump/Tank
L4T Light 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle with Hosereel/Tank
LAA Local Area Agreement
LDG Local Diversity Group
LGA Local Government Association
LGMB Local Government Management Board
LIFE Local Intervention Fire Education
LPI Local Performance Indicator
LPSA Local Public Service Agreement
LFR Local Resilience Forum
MCA Marine Coastguard Agency
MIRG Marine Incident Response Group
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MRV Multi Role Vehicle
N&W Nights and Weekends
ODPM Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
OET Operational Equipment Technician
OJEC Official Journal of the European Community
PCC Portsmouth City Council
PCV Personnel Carrying Vehicle
PDA Pre Determined Attendance
PFCO Principal Fire Control Officer
PIN Performance Improvement Network
PQA Personal Qualities and Attributes
PRINCE Project Management in Controlled Environments
PU Pick Up
QAM Quality Assurance Measures
QCO Qualified Control Operator
RDS Retained Duty System
RES Race Equality Scheme
RFU Retained Firefighters Union
RW Red Watch
SAP System Application and Products
SCC Southampton City Council
SCO Senior Control Operator
SDO Senior Divisional Officer
SEU Special Equipment Unit
SM Station Manager
SEU Special Equipment Unit
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound
SMT Service Management Team
SOCITM Society of Information Technology Management
SOFC Standards of Fire Cover
SOLACE Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
SOLFIRE Solent Fire Arrangements
SRM Safety and Risk Management
T/ Temporary
TL Turntable Ladder
TRA Trailer
TOIL Time Off in Lieu
URN Unique Reference Number
WM Watch Manager
WrC Water Carrier
WrL Water Tender Ladder
WrT Water Tender
WW White Watch